December 14, 2018-

Christmas Time is Here Again!

Another Christmas but this one is a little different from the preceding 8 or 9. Normally, we would have been preparing for our last Christmas shows this weekend at the Hideaway Café in St Pete and the Monticello Opera House. But alas, those days are gone.  


However, this year we are providing one final treat from the Sarah Mac Band. We closed out our tenure last year (and early this year) by performing a new album of music that you could only hear live. Or at least that was our intent. But sometimes fate has a different plan.


Many of you asked if we could record this last album. Many of you told us it was the best thing we had ever done. Well, through the generosity of a fan we recorded these songs and the CDs are being pressed at this very moment. Today we are excited to announce that we have a new CD available of the songs from our final project.

Some of these songs will sound a little different from the live shows since we have a full production. Thanks to the efforts of our producers Jerry Gaskins and Eric Case we have an album that we are really proud of. In fact, it feels like a great way to go out.





















You can now pre-order 'Project X' here. You can also hear a song from the album RIGHT NOW at our website

NOTE: We will not have these CDs in until early - mid January. Although the official release isn't until February 1st, we will ship them out to you guys as soon as we have them in hand!

Peace out (and peace on Earth),

Charlie, Claire and Sarah Mac


August 9, 2017-

As you know we announced in June that we would be retiring the Sarah Mac Band at the end of this year.  But there were a couple of things we didn't mention. First, we made this decision in January of this year but we waited to announce it. Second, in making this decision we knew we had some new music that we still wanted to share before we wrapped it up. However, we did not have the time or finances to make a new album (and even if we did a new album, we can't press that and then just be done. We would have to get out there and sell those CDs and that wouldn't work with our plan to retire at the end of the year.) What to do, what to do?

We decided, "What the heck?? We will just go ahead and write an album worth of new material and just release it by playing it live!" Back before ol' Tom Edison invented the phonograph people still released new music, right?! They would just present this new material as a live concert. If you wanted to hear it, you had to go to the concert. So, we thought, "Why not just do that?" So we are going to share our new album in a live concert format.

The only way to hear this new material is to experience it live.  We will open with a set of old SMB songs. The second set will be the new album from beginning to end. Just like listening to a new album except that we will talk halfway through as we turnover the album to side 2.

We are very excited about this new project and have been working hard on new material worthy of a fond farewell to our fans. You don't want to miss this because after these shows this music may be gone. So come and Experience the Release with the Sarah Mac Band. 

The Fond Farewell: Experience the Release Shows

October 6 & 7 - Tallahassee, FL
The Junction at Monroe
$15 - tickets on sale NOW
(All seats are reserved and we are limiting it to 110 tickets per night)

October 12 - Gainesville, FL
Heartwood Soundstage

October 13 - St. Pete, FL
Hideaway Cafe

October 14 - Sarasota, FL

October 26 - Pensacola, FL
WUWF Studio Recording

(If we add any more dates for these shows, we will let you know. Watch our website for more details on these shows.)

In addition to these shows, we have a TON of house concerts, regular shows, and Christmas shows coming up. The first few are currently on our website and we'll send out additional dates and details on those in a few days.

Peace Out, 


June 6, 2017 - 

Way back in the Fall of 1999 when Sarah elbowed her way into Claire and Charlie’s church band, who could have ever imagined that we’d still be hanging out with each other, much less playing music together almost twenty years later! Our musical journey has taken us from that fateful day at Advent Church through two minivans, countless drummers, eight albums, thousands and thousands of road miles logged, several PA systems, a lot of guitar strings, a stint as vegans, 12 years as official business owners, and ultimately led us to meet all of you.


We want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the support you’ve shown us over the years and let you know that after twelve years of making music together, we have decided to officially retire the Sarah Mac Band at the end of 2017.


We’ve been in thoughtful discussion about this possibility for a few years as we have cycled through burnout and rejuvenation. Ultimately, we determined that it was really important for us to end well—to not just taper off and then fade away. We invited you on this journey with us, and we’re not willing to just put you out at the side of the road once we get what we want…. (see what we did, there?)


And before you wonder, no there is not some big fight or band controversy.  We do not want to leave to start our solo projects or find new band mates that really understand our genius.  We are not going to begin writing songs talking bad about each other.  (Even though all of that seems pretty dramatic and a great way to create publicity.)  We just believe the band is naturally coming to an end.  We’ve had a lot of fun and more success than we really thought possible.  And while we didn’t get to play Austin City Limits we did get opportunities to play in amazing places and made a lot of new friends; we are talking about you guys.  We can truly say if this was all we get then it WAS enough.  How often do you get to say that?


However, we’re not done yet… (and see what we did, there?) Of course we are going to have our Christmas shows this year so fret not. And even better we’re currently finishing new material so that we’ll have something to leave you with. We have plans for something really cool that you will not want to miss.  A literal once in a lifetime event. The Tallahassee and St. Pete release shows for this are already booked for October and we are currently working on scheduling additional out of town shows for the release of this new material. So watch your inbox for more information in the following weeks.


Between now and the release in the Fall, we’re focusing on a house concert Farewell Tour. For those of you who have not yet experienced a house concert, we’ve determined that in this context, that’s what we prefer. It’s smaller, more intimate, and gives us a chance to get to talk to you, sometimes share a meal with you, and connect with you in a meaningful way that we’re not always able to do in a larger venue. We’d love to have the chance to say goodbye in person!


Side note: If you’re interested in booking a house concert this summer or fall, please contact Claire ( ASAP so that we can get you in.

OK, we got six months baby and we plan on ending it with a lot of fun.  So stay tuned.


Peace Out,


Sarah Mac Band